Meet Jade Green.

Who is she?

My name is Jade, I am 23 years old… I am in a relationship with the hott af guy you see in my video and photo sets, and he is of course my camming partner as well. I have had a lot going on in life lately which forced me to take a camming/content creation hiatus.

I am just now stepping back into the game, I have a lot of fun and crazy ideas that I am working on and hope to share with you all soon! I love to connect and interact with each and every one of you on a personal level.

The reason that I initially began camming, or stepped into the adult industry at all, was solely due to the immediate NEED to keep a roof over my head. Things just fell into place a certain way that allowed me to discover the possibilities and financial potential of being an adult entertainer. That being said…………THIS IS MY JOB. I told you guys I am real and genuine, and I want to stress that I will ALWAYS stay true to that, but what I need you all to keep in mind is that THIS IS HOW I PAY MY BILLS. I am trying to be the girl all in your pockets… I simply provide a service and I genuinely enjoy the service I provide.

All that I just said all boils down to one simple idea… You take care of me & I take care of you.Β πŸ˜‰πŸ’‹

So you will find that I am a very unique and fun girl. I love to laugh and have fun. My sense of humor is sometimes very immature, and sometimes I crack myself up more than others lol. Β The one thing about me I would want you all to know is that I am a genuine person. I am real in every way…Β From my tits to my hips…. INSIDE & OUT.